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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Keep your electronics cool this summer

We are well into summer vacation now and the days are starting to really heat up; and then there's the hot AND humid days!   While you're staying cool on those hot days by going to the beach, a movie in an air conditioned theater, the mall, or just veggie in the air conditioned house don't forget your electronic devices need to beat the heat too.   Here are some tips for keeping them cool and dry.

1.  Never leave your devices in the hot car.  When electronics are left in a hot vehicle they can overheat and batteries can burst.

2.  Don't stack devices on top of each other.   It can just make them hotter.

3.  Never leave your devices in the hot sun, be it from a window, out on the deck, car dashboard, etc.  Being in direct sunlight for an extended period can cause them to heat up, have screen issues, and melting if there is plastic as part of the device.

4.  Should your device begin to overheat, immediately turn it off, unhook it from the power supply (if applicable) and put it in a cool place.

5. Keep your devices away from the pool/ocean/lake, etc!   You never know when it may get bumped/dropped and go for a swim!

6.  Always make sure all of your devices are backed up at scheduled intervals so if your device does get damaged, you have not lost any of those vacation photos, or important documents.