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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Friday, June 14, 2019

End of Year Information regarding technology for MSAD 6 staff

End of Year Information

Teacher Laptops:  Teachers who have not updated their laptops, or are not returning next year MUST leave their devices in the main office of their building.

Ed. Tech Chromebooks:  All Ed Techs MUST return their devices into the main office of their building on their last day.  Summer school devices will be provided.

Classroom Technology Equipment:  Leave all equipment (AV and phones) in place in your current room.  Room changes will be handled by Technology.

Student iPads:  Technology is asking that students move their devices to their new rooms during step-up day;  iPads need to be plugged in.  

Regular Ed Teacher iPads:  Teachers not returning MUST leave their devices in their cabinets.

Special Ed Teacher iPads: Teachers not returning MUST leave their devices in the main office of their building.

Classroom Radios:  All classroom radios must be turned into the main office.  

Thank you and enjoy your summer vacation..