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Friday, June 21, 2019


Confused about what Phishing is? 

This article from VoDaVi Technologies LLC explains the types of Phishing and how to reduce your risk.

Friday, June 14, 2019

End of Year Information regarding technology for MSAD 6 staff

End of Year Information

Teacher Laptops:  Teachers who have not updated their laptops, or are not returning next year MUST leave their devices in the main office of their building.

Ed. Tech Chromebooks:  All Ed Techs MUST return their devices into the main office of their building on their last day.  Summer school devices will be provided.

Classroom Technology Equipment:  Leave all equipment (AV and phones) in place in your current room.  Room changes will be handled by Technology.

Student iPads:  Technology is asking that students move their devices to their new rooms during step-up day;  iPads need to be plugged in.  

Regular Ed Teacher iPads:  Teachers not returning MUST leave their devices in their cabinets.

Special Ed Teacher iPads: Teachers not returning MUST leave their devices in the main office of their building.

Classroom Radios:  All classroom radios must be turned into the main office.  

Thank you and enjoy your summer vacation..  

New releases in GSuite

Updates that are rolling out over the next couple of weeks in GSuite: