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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Scrolling issues in Chrome with Syngery Solution

Over the last few weeks scrolling within Synergy has randomly become an issue for some staff members that use Chrome.  Be it scrolling when searching for a standard to use, or for selecting staff and students in a breakout group, or even through the list of classes taught.

I have been working with Synergy to find a solution, after many tries of setting changes in both Chrome and the laptop, it looks like one has been found. 

On your MacBook go to:

System Preferences
 System Preferences


Set 'Show Scroll Bars' to 'Always'

Laurie Delaney tested this with a teacher in Hollis that was having the issue and the results were good! While it did not show unless you hovered over the scroll bar area, it showed up each time and no longer disappeared.

Thank you Laurie Delaney and Katie Vetro for testing all the many solutions Synergy kept sending my way until one worked!