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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Welcome back...

Welcome back. We hope that you enjoyed your summer. While you were gone, Technology upgraded
the wifi at Buxton Center, Hollis, and Edna Libby Elementary. The new access points (APs) are the latest technology and should provide you faster service. We also added more APs to each building. The other schools will get done over time. A few things to keep in mind…

We may need to make a few adjustments in each building as they get used. The location of the AP in
the classroom can impact its performance, especially as it may interfere with the AP in an adjacent
classroom. We will be monitoring performance remotely, but don’t hesitate to put in a Tech Ticket if
you have any issues.

These new APs are configured to use the higher speed wifi radios. Therefore, there may be some older mobile phones that will no longer connect. Also, older Apple TVs may have issues. Over time, we will replace the older Apple TVs with new ones, but in the meantime, a Tech Ticket is the answer.

Radio frequency interference can seriously degrade wifi performance. Microwave ovens and wireless
printers, scanners, and label printers are the primary offenders. Please contact Technology before
adding one of these to your classroom.

Lastly, just a friendly reminder that using an encrypted browser (like Psiphon) or a VPN application is a violation of District policy. Any personal or district device using one of these applications will be blocked from access to the network.