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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Upcoming Google Changes

  • Within the next two weeks you will see a change to the search box in Google Drive.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Upcoming Google Forms and Google+ Changes

Google Forms
Beginning August 22, 2018 the legacy version of Forms will be phased out.  If you have not already converted your any created Google Forms over to the new version you can start doing so now. 

To convert a form to a new form, go to your form in edit mode, and you will receive a prompt to Upgrade.  Click on Upgrade, and it will convert the form and you can then change your theme, add a header, etc.

Beginning November 1-21, 2018 any legacy forms not converted by the owner to the new forms, will be automatically converted by Google (including those not edited or receiving responses within the last year).

The new version of Forms has many different features, including:

  • New theme options to customize and brand your Google Forms, which helps creators choose colors and
         fonts to create forms that match your desired branding. 
  • Intelligent response validation, which suggests that Forms check the answer format matches an appropriate
         answer to the question (for example Forms will suggest it checks answers to questions asking for a website
         are URLs.) 
  • Improved notifications and response view options 
  • Images in questions and answers in Google Forms 
  • Smart quizzes in Google Forms 
  • Ability to upload files as answers to questions 

  • Google+

    Beginning October 23, 2018 Internet Explorer 10 will no longer be supported. Click here for supported browsers.

    Sunday, July 8, 2018

    Changes in Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is changing how it works beginning in August (you can sign-up for the early release if you would like).

    General release of the new features happen in August and include:

    ~ Classwork and people page
       "The new Classwork page lets educators better organize assignments and questions and improves planning. Teachers can group work into units or modules, and reorder work to match their class sequence. This helps simplify the class stream so it can be used as a conversational hub between educators and students. Teachers will be able to sign up for early access to the new features."

    ~  People Page: Contains information about class members, students, teachers, guardians, etc.

    Settings Page: Control the settings of your page

    Stream Updates: A "conversational hub where educators can notify their students about upcoming deadlines, post announcements and more."

    ~ Quiz integration: "We’re making it easier to create formative assessments directly from Classroom. Teachers will be able to create a Google Forms Quiz from Classroom, and even lock the quiz for more secure and distraction-free testing on Chromebooks."