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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Google Updates

G Suite has been hard at work with changes to their products.  Here are some of the latest:

Google Classic Sites embedded content changes for performance and security reasons.
How HTML boxes work is being slowly updated.  Changes could impact how they boxes appear.

There will be two upgrades:
  1. In effect now: You will see the HTML upgrade when you open the HTML box on a classic site to edit it,  
  2. June 30th the upgrades will automatically be enforced to all classic site HTML boxes.
New features are being provided to give more insight.  You can also email collaborators, and see viewing patterns.

Migrating from classic Hangouts to Hangout Meets
G Suite is migrating domains from classic Hangouts to Hangout Meets, the next generation in video meetings.  This migration began May 29, 2018.  All new calendar events created by staff will have links for a Meet video meeting, all existing calendar events will keep the old hangout links.   Later this year all events current and future, will be moved over to the meets links.   
G Suite is now making it possible to copy a Google Site.

Coming soon!

June 19, 2018 owners of eligible classic Sites will be able to convert them to the new Google Sites!

"Classic site owners can use the tool to automatically create a draft of their site in the new Google Sites. This new draft site will have the updated look and feel of new Sites, and contain the content from the classic site. Starting the process will not affect the original site, so owners can review and edit the draft in the new Google Sites interface. When the new site is ready to go live, it can either be published to the URL of the classic site (to replace the original site and automatically redirect viewers), or published to a new URL.

The tool will currently work on some but not all sites. To see if the tool will work on a site, the site owner should open the classic site at sites.google.com and look for:
  • A banner at the top that says “New: Convert to new Sites,” or 
  • A link in the left sidebar at Settings > Manage Site > Convert to new Sites

If the banner and link are not available, the site is not eligible for conversion with the tool yet. This can be for several reasons, but is usually because it uses some features the conversion tool does not support yet. We’re working to make the tool work on more sites. When the site becomes eligible, the banner and link described above will appear."