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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Engaging Elementary Readers with iPads

Our elementary literacy lessons have garnered a lot more engagement and excitement thanks in large part to the fact that every K-5 student now has their own iPad! With free apps like Seesaw, PicCollage Kids, Shadow Puppet Edu, Green Screen by Do Ink, Epic!, Padlet, Chatter Pix, Sock Puppets, and Draw and Tell teachers are guiding their students to connect with their reading in highly engaging ways. Listening to their students read, make connections, and explain their understanding has become much more efficient with the aid of technology, and it is making it much easier for teachers to provide meaningful feedback to every learner. Students are deeply thoughtful and reflective when they are sharing their work with technology and have been very motivated to impress the larger audiences that are now seeing their final products. Check out this Padlet to see some of the ways that our teachers and students are using their iPads to make reading fun, engaging, and more meaningful! On behalf of all Bonny Eagle students and teachers, thank you to everyone who has continued to make it a priority to keep technology in the hands of our students! It is making a huge difference in improving teaching and learning.