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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BE Proud! Reflections from a Tech Coach

For most educators, August is the ideal time for reflection and preparation. By now we've checked off most of the experiences on our summer bucket lists, and we're ready to dive back in to make this the best school year yet. As a technology coach, I have been given an amazing opportunity to serve my district by offering support to the K-5 staff at Hollis Elementary and H.B. Emery Jr. Memorial School. One of my biggest fears in accepting this position last summer was that I would lose the special community bonds that I had created by working with Buxton students, their families, and my colleagues as a second grade teacher. In my new role in unfamiliar schools, I still managed to build meaningful relationships with students, which of course I scientifically measure by the fact that I was noticed and warmly greeted by students in a public place, and with colleagues who eagerly invited me into their rooms to guide them with their technology goals. Surprisingly, missing out on working with one consistent group of students didn't feel like the tragic loss that I thought it would. Traveling between schools and in the K-5 classrooms allowed me a view that I have never had before. I got to see the strategic flow of lessons from grade-to-grade and the amazing instructional practices that our teachers are working so hard to implement. I worked closely with the technology department and my fellow technology coaches to bring our staff and students meaningful learning experiences. I also expanded my community connections by meeting with other tech coaches and teachers across the state and, thanks to Twitter, across the globe! This new perspective provided me with a much stronger sense of pride for Bonny Eagle. Our staff's dedication to providing all students with the best learning experiences is astounding. The incredible access that we have to technology resources and the experiences that we're creating for students is life changing. I'm optimistic and prepared to take on the new challenges that this school year brings! I'm really looking forward to working with staff at our Bonny Eagle Tech Camp that'll be happening on August 10th, 11th, 14th, and 15th. In the meantime, keep making Bonny Eagle proud! Our students deserve every ounce of planning and preparation that you can give.