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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Prepare your classroom for the summer

That time of year is fast approaching, end of school, and summer.  Time to start cleaning up and preparing your classrooms for summer cleaning and possibly moving to a new classroom.  

One of the concerns of some people is their classroom phones.  “Should you pack up your phone?”  “What happens if I have a call over the summer that I will not be able to answer?”

The phone system for the school district has a few nice features, one of these features being the ability to check your voicemail from any phone in the world.  This is how you do it:
-Call your direct phone number (ie: 207-648-7936)
-When you hear your voicemail greeting, press *
-At the prompt, enter your 6 digit passcode
Now you have access to your voicemail account where you can listen to and delete voicemail.

Another feature is the ability to forward all your calls to a different phone number.  With this ability you will be able to have any and all calls forwarded to your cell phone or home phone without having your receiving phone number being exposed.  The only downside with this feature is to turn it on or off, you have to have access to your physical phone at the school.
This is how you do it:
-From your phone, dial *72
-At the prompt, enter the full 10 digit phone number you wish the calls to go to (ie: 207-648-7936) followed by the # key

As for what to do with your phone over the summer, it is very important that you leave your classroom phone in your classroom plugged into the wall.  Over the summer if your phone needs to be moved to a new room or assigned to a new teacher/staff member, it will be moved during the summer by the Technology Department.  

This summer the Technology Department will have a very busy and full schedule of projects to get completed, one of those is the moving and setup of phones throughout the district.  Packing a phone into a box or desk drawer will prevent us from deploying your phone either into a new classroom or ensuring it is configured with the most recent software.