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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Student or Staff Member Leaving the District? Checkoff list of what to do in regards to technology before leaving.

As the school year draws to a close there will be many amongst us who will be leaving the district for new adventures.

Seniors are graduating and heading off to college, work or traveling; students moving from one district to another or even to another state; staff retiring or moving on to another district or non-educational setting adventure.  What do you need to do technology wise to prepare for this change?

1.  G Suite - Accounts are not kept indefinitely after leaving the district.   Student accounts are closed for access on the last day they attended school and removed 60 days from that date.   Staff accounts are closed two weeks from effective date of leaving.

  • For students:Students who have documents they would like to take with them in Google Drive should do prior so their last day of school by sharing the documents with their non-school gmail account and then making that gmail account the owner.
  • For staff:
    Any non-school related (personal) documents/emails you wish to copy to a personal account should be done so prior to your last day of work in the district.   Any documents, sites, calendars, etc that you are the owner of and have shared with others in the district to use should have the ownership changed from you to a staff member it is shared with so the item can still be used after you leave.

    Have a Google Site for your parents and students?  Please change the sharing access to Private so it removes it from the web view of anyone who has bookmarked it.  Owner of a site that was created for the district?  Submit the url of the website to tmuchemore@bonnyeagle.org.  If this is a website created outside of google for the district please include the login credentials with the url.

    Want to take your contacts with you?  In contacts export them into a file you can then upload to another account.  

    - In Contacts go to More - Export

    - If you receive a prompt to go to the Old Version do so

    - Select the contacts you wish to export then click on More (at the top) - Export

    - Choose the selected Contacts radial and the format you would like to export them to (depending on what you will be uploading them into - Google, Outlook, Apple Address Book, etc).

    - Export

2.  Parchment - Parchment is the system used for seniors to request transcripts for colleges once they leave the district.  All seniors are given an account upon the end of their junior year and receive an email with their access information.  This account is setup using their bonnyeagle.org email account. Prior to leaving the district, or upon receiving the account, it is recommended they change the email account in their Parchment settings to a personal email account for future use.

3.  Laptops/IOS devices

  • For Students
    Leaving during the school year? Turn in your device, bag and charger prior to leaving the premises on your last day of attendance to the technology room in your building (room 54 at BEMS, room 109 at BEHS).  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.

    Leaving school at the end of the school year?  Turn in your device, bag and charger on the take back dates scheduled at your school.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.
  • For Staff
    Leaving during the school year or at the end of the year?  On the last physical day you are in the building turn in your device(s), for Ed Techs that is generally the last student day, for teachers it is the last teacher day of the school year.  At BEMS leave your device(s), bags and chargers with Technology in room 54, at BEHS leave them with Technology in room 109.  For all elementary staff leave them with your schools main office.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.