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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Phishing Email Attack.. Pay attention!

In my blog post in March, I discussed malicious emails and how to deal with them. Obviously, no one was paying attention.   

Today there was a flood of Tech Tickets about emails claiming to be sharing a Google document.  Several of the tickets even admitted that they didn’t really read the email notice, they just opened it and clicked on the link.  These emails were a premeditated phishing attack.  That attack was not intended to deliver malware but intended to steal your login credentials.

So if you received this email and clicked through the links, IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD!  And please don’t use an easy password.  I recommend using a multi-word phrase as a password.  It is easier to remember than a single word.  Remove the inter-word spaces and substitute a few numbers or punctuation marks for letters.  This type of password is very hard to break, unless you give it away by not making an effort to insure that the email is legitimate.

Another thing that happened when you clicked through the links, is that you shared your address list, which was promptly used to spread the attack even faster.

So please, go ahead and read my March blog at:

  • Never open an email unless you are sure that it comes from someone that you expect emails from.  Otherwise, delete it!  
  • Always read the email before you click any links contained in it.  Trust your instinct, if it seems iffy, delete it!
  • If you ever think that you may have been tricked into clicking a bad link, change you password immediately.