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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Incredible Student Presentations Made with a Green Screen and an iPad

Our Bonny Eagle elementary students have had a blast using chroma key technology to present their work! The process is simple. Once students have a project or assignment to present, they choose a background for their presentation. Some students have used their iPads to photograph their assignment to use as their backgrounds. For example, second graders in Mrs. Lariviere's class used their iPads to take a picture of their hand-drawn monsters, and third graders in Mrs. McCarthy's class took a picture of their leprechaun traps. Some students have decided to use a digital picture instead, like the fourth graders in Miss Nappi's class, who designed a digital picture in Buncee and saved it as an image on their camera rolls. After they've decided on their background, we use an iPad to record their video in front of a bright green sheet. Mrs. Lariviere's students read their monster poems. Mrs. McCarthy's students explained the science behind the mechanisms in their leprechaun traps, and Miss Nappi's students described their American Revolution research. Then, we use Green Screen by Do Ink or iMovie to remove the green background and replace it with the background picture that the students designed. After a few edits, the students have a completed video of themselves presenting their work with their own uniquely designed background! The final products are both entertaining and educational. I've included an example from each class for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure you'll agree that these projects are an engaging and memorable way to document students' learning.