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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Friday, April 7, 2017

Google Accounts login page is being updated, be aware of the impact to you

On April 10, 2017 Google will begin slowly rolling out their new login page, beginning with a small sample of users and then eventually everyone over a matter of weeks.

What does the change mean for you?

  • You will notice a new look for the page
  • The look will be consistent across all devices (computers, phones and tablets)
  • The change with the most impact on the end user is the "Stay signed in" checkbox will no longer be on the page. This is the change you need to understand the most about.  This means that whenever you sign into your gmail account using the new login page above, you remain signed in unless you specifically sign-out once you are done.  This is a security risk for your account.  If you sign in on someone else's device or on a public device and do not log out after you are done, your account is now accessible to the next person who uses the device and goes to gmail.  If you absolutely must sign in on a public or shared device then do so using a private browsing window.  

    Firefox - File - New Private Window
    Safari - File - New Private Window
    Chrome - File - New Incognito Window
  • If you are using your gmail account to access other applications as a Single-Sign-On (such as our ticket system) , then you will also see an additional account selection page when you log in to authenticate the account and show the permissions being granted to that application.
  • Keep your account safe and make it a habit to sign out after using it on every device you sign in on.