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Thursday, April 13, 2017

3D Printing in the Classroom. Go big, go live!

Susie Simmons, Technology Coach for Grades 6-12Susie Simmons 
Technology Coach, 6-12
Bonny Eagle Middle & High Schools

In my last post back in January, I wrote about 3D printing coming to Bonny Eagle Middle School. Since then, our 3D printing capacity in the district has been growing as has the excitement about this creator movement. We are lucky to now have an additional two FlashForge Finders ($499 on Amazon), thanks to the Perloff Foundation, located at Buxton Center Elementary School. Katie Vetro, the technology coach at BCES, and I have been having a lot of fun working together to ensure that our students are able to take advantage of the technology starting as early as possible. From lesson planning to generating ideas for its use and then managing the printers and troubleshooting when necessary, it has been a fun year with the 3D printers around. We are also actively working on another grant proposal to bring additional printers online in the other elementary schools as well as the high school to ensure universal access for all of the students in MSAD #6.

From fidget devices to help students focus to bookmarks featuring their favorite tales in ELA classes, chess sets and string art for math to keychains in advisory, 3D printing is being used in a wide range of subjects here at BEMS. We have been using Tinkercad as our primary designing tool with some students using the lessons through Project Ignite and more advanced students using 123D Design. Their finished designs, once approved by their classroom teacher, are then exported in STL file format to be loaded into our slicing software (dependent on which printer we are sending the job to). If you are interested in seeing more about our printing at BEMS, you can head on over to our 3D printing blogsite to learn more.

If you have not seen a 3D printer in action, we also have a YouTube Channel! We try to broadcast our print jobs live as often as possible, but sometimes we also upload our videos or time lapse videos after a job has been completed. It's BEMS's version of slow tv! Head on over to our channel today and you'll see Emily B's chess set being printed on one of our Makerbot Replicator printers.