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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Proper Care and Use of MSAD 6 Laptops

tyler patten

There are many thing you can do to avoid damaging your computer which could potentially save you and your family from getting a hefty repair bill. There are a few common issues we see and a few easy ways to avoid them. Along with taking preventative measures there are also added perks to some of these methods.

Every laptop is provided with a padded black sleeve for carrying your laptop. While it is a requirement of having the device, it is also a great idea to use this case at all times! We often see devices that haven’t been in this case will start to get scratches and dings that we are required to get repaired under contract. These bills start around $100 and only go up from there.
Simply putting the laptop in a case when it’s being moved can keep the device in near brand new condition for quite some time. An added benefit to having a thin sleeve provided is that most backpacks can fit the case right inside making it easier to transport and not forget your laptop as well.

Hard Shells:
One thing we started offering this year as a district is a hard shell case for the laptops. While these are an additional cost they have several benefits that go along with them:
  • Costs only $25 to the student
  • If in the event the laptop is still damaged the district will take $50 off the bill
  • They keep the laptop in like-new condition for very long periods of time
  • They protect the device at all times, even during use
  • In the event of a minor drop in this case the laptop tends to be recovered without even a blemish in most circumstances
  • You can personalize and put stickers on the case as it is YOURS, stickers are not allowed on the laptops themselves

Avoiding Broken Screens:
By using a case you help avoid a lot of potential damages. While these are not foolproof there are other added precautions you can take to avoid such a breakage.
  • Only use laptop on a solid surface such as a desk or table, avoid using the laptop on a bed or couch as these tend to be less stable and more prone to drops
  • Avoid high traffic and high activity areas with the laptop such as sporting events or common places where damage might easily occur by someone other than yourself

Avoiding Liquid Damage:
Liquid damages tend to be one of the more common yet most avoidable damages to laptops. Coincidentally they also tend to be the most expensive to have repaired. Liquid damage costs tend to start around $400 for a very minor spill and can get up to around $1,500 in more extreme cases. Here are some easy ways to avoid liquid damage.
  • Keep your laptop away from any and all food or beverages
  • In the cafeteria please keep your laptop in it’s case to seal it off from any potential hazards
  • Don’t store or charge your laptop on surfaces commonly used for food and drinks

By following some of these basic guidelines you should find your device staying in much better condition than those that are not cared for in this way.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  1. You are responsible for the laptop regardless of who’s fault the damage may be, You should attempt to take any precautions possible to avoid damages.
  2. In the event a damage does occur, notify the tech department ASAP to reduce costs to you and ensure you have a working device to use.