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Friday, December 15, 2017

Toggling the MS Chinese software on and off

We are installing software for Su Di on the student computers and have seen some interesting happenings!

A message will pop up stating that the computer needs to be reinstated. Please have them do that.

If they then see Chinese characters there is an easy fix:

If they click on the "S" with the Chinese characters next to it :

They can choose the American flag to switch back to English!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

1 hour delay for all MSAD 6 Schools

There is a 1 hour delay for all MSAD 6 Schools today, Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

MSAD 6 Schools Closed


All MSAD 6 Schools are closed today, Tuesday, December 12, 2017 due to the weather.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Synergy Resources

With an introduction of a new system to any institute there is always a huge learning curve. We, the tech team, have been working hard to make it as smooth of a transition as possible for our students, guardians, and staff. Here are some useful tutorial videos and resources to help us on our journey of working with Synergy.

For Guardians and Students:

For Staff:

Links to Synergy -
Login for Students and Guardians or for Staff
Information about Edupoint and Synergy

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Engaging Elementary Readers with iPads

Our elementary literacy lessons have garnered a lot more engagement and excitement thanks in large part to the fact that every K-5 student now has their own iPad! With free apps like Seesaw, PicCollage Kids, Shadow Puppet Edu, Green Screen by Do Ink, Epic!, Padlet, Chatter Pix, Sock Puppets, and Draw and Tell teachers are guiding their students to connect with their reading in highly engaging ways. Listening to their students read, make connections, and explain their understanding has become much more efficient with the aid of technology, and it is making it much easier for teachers to provide meaningful feedback to every learner. Students are deeply thoughtful and reflective when they are sharing their work with technology and have been very motivated to impress the larger audiences that are now seeing their final products. Check out this Padlet to see some of the ways that our teachers and students are using their iPads to make reading fun, engaging, and more meaningful! On behalf of all Bonny Eagle students and teachers, thank you to everyone who has continued to make it a priority to keep technology in the hands of our students! It is making a huge difference in improving teaching and learning.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Custom 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

by Katie Vetro
Technology Integrator K-5

A couple of weeks ago I had a visit to my classroom from a student named Ruby. We have chatted many times in the past, but she popped into my room to say hello and ask some questions about the two Flashforge Finder 3D printers. I had some questions, too- about her cookie baking abilities.  

Just that morning I had discovered an awesome website called Cookie Caster, which lets you quickly and easily create custom cookie cutters to 3D print. The site lets you create an original design, or upload a line drawing found in an image search and capture the outline. Designs are easily created by children and then printed on the 3D printer using a biodegradable polylactic acid filament created from a renewable resource like corn starch. This meant that Ruby could have the cutters she wanted in just a few hours. She created a bat, a pumpkin, and a witch hat.

Of course, 3D printed cookie cutters also require cookie dough. Check out this video to hear more about this experience from Ruby’s perspective in an episode she’s calling In the Kitchen… with Ruby!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sign up for the new School Messenger alert system used by MSAD 6

Due to the move to the new Student Information System (SIS) Synergy this year, we also had to move to a new alert system.  The system we are using is School Messenger.   School Messenger still has all the features of our prior alert system (phone calls, emails, texting).  As with the past systems, you can decide which contact numbers  and emails listed for you receive which type of messages. This information is pulled directly from Synergy.  If your contact information is not correct, please correct it via your ParentVUE account at https://me-bea-psv.edupoint.com.  This will update it in Synergy and then be pulled into School Messenger once the changes have been processed in Synergy.  If you have not yet setup your ParentVUE account, the main office at your child's school will have your activation key.

To access your information on School Messenger you will need to sign up at https://go.schoolmessenger.com/or you can download the app for Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.schoolmessenger.recipient or for the iPhone/iPad at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/schoolmessenger-infocenter/id978894818?mt=8
Please click on Signup in order to register and follow all the steps given.  When you create a password it must be at least 6 characters long with at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one number.

When you create your account, after doing the steps to Sign Up, you will be asked for your role - if you are a Parent, Teacher (this would be for all staff) or Student.  Staff will also be asked to enter your school district, in this field select MSAD 6 (this is required for staff only).

Once you are logged in you will go to (in the website version) your name in the upper right and click on the dropdown by it and then click on Preferences.

On the mobile app you will click on the three lines in the upper corner and choose Preferences.

Once you get into Preferences you will see your contact information listed and then Message Preferences.  School Hours Emergency and Non School Hours Emergency will be used for school closures, early releases or late arrivals due to weather and other emergency situations.  General will be used for schools and the district to send out general notifications (such as newsletters, notices of events coming up, etc).  Attendance is how you receive notification regarding your child absent from school, Food Service will soon be setup to alert parents of low balances and Survey could be used to send and collect survey data from Parents/Staff.  Click on each category and choose how you want to be contacted for that particular category.

To authorize receiving text messages from the alert system,  send a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our school’s short code number, 67587. 

You can also opt out of these messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Google Calendar will be getting a new look

Starting November 14, 2017 Google will begin gradually transitioning users on the bonnyeagle.org domain over to their new calendar look.  The transition will take approximately 8 weeks altogether.

To view more information about the new Google Calendar look please read this article.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sierra Updated for Mac OSX

The new  mac OS Sierra update has many fixes in it, especially for audio video issues. You will be very glad you updated! Here's how:

Please go to the App Store -> Featured-> macOS Sierra (righthand column, 5th item down)

The button will say either Download or if you have already done this it will say Open.

If you have not downloaded it, please do so - you can keep using your computer.

Clicking on Open will begin the install process. It will take about an hour so please have your laptop plugged in. You will not be able to use your laptop during this process.

That's it!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

BE Engaged; 2017-2018 iOS Apps

MSAD 6 Tech Coaches created an iPad App guide for the 2017-2018 school year using Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. (View the guide at the end of this article.) These approved apps, along with a few other Apps, will be in the Self Service App for students to install on their individual iPads. The Self Service App icon is displayed to the right of this text. Please contact your tech coach to learn how these fabulous Apps can help increase engagement in the classroom.

Three Apps to make sure to use, since we paid for them, are:

Book Creator: (Book Creator now has a web version as well.)

DoInk Green Screen:

Explain Everything:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why can't my cell phone connect to the network?

As we start the new school year, it is probably a good time to talk about cell phone use during school. Some may find that their phone (or other personal devices) won’t connect to the SAD 6 wireless network and they wonder why. In most cases it is because that device has been blocked.

The SAD 6 Board of Directors has approved several policies relating to the use of personal electronic devices by both staff members and by students. You can find them on the district website. The primary purpose of these policies is to ensure that the district technology, including the network, is used “to support the educational mission of the schools”. In addition, the law requires that the district shield students from sites which promote violence, obscenity, or other subjects which may be harmful to minors.

The Technology Department is tasked to insure that all users and devices comply with the district policies. On a typical school day, the district has over 5000 devices (laptops, iPads, printers, telephones) using the network, and there may be another 1-2,000 personal devices. In order to fulfill these requirements, the district uses a device commonly referred to as a “firewall”. Not only does this specialized computer provide the ability to restrict access to specific sites or applications, it also protects the district network and devices from intrusions, viruses, malware, and other threats from outside our network. The firewall employs a list of websites and applications to filter from our network, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Minecraft, Skype, etc. The firewall also tracks all incoming and outgoing network traffic and generates reports to identify the most accessed (or blocked) sites, the devices using the most bandwidth, any outside threats, etc.

So how does this relate to your cell phone being blocked? Here are some simple rules that we use to single out a device from using the district network:
  • If a cell phone is listed among the top network users, it is blocked. Remember the network is there to facilitate the educational process.
  • If a device continuously attempts to access a blocked site (like Facebook), it is generating useless network traffic and it is blocked.
  • If a device is using some application intended to circumvent the firewall filtering, it is in violation of District policy and it is blocked.
  • If a device is being used to play games or listen to streaming music or video during the school day, it may be blocked.

Some might argue that there a very good educational uses for some of the sites that are blocked and they are correct. For example, Mr. Taylor at BEHS uses Skype to communicate with an inventor in Europe. Students can learn a lot from that kind of activity. However, when there are 1,200 Skype sessions going on at one time, most of them are students Skype’ing with each other and that is not an educational use. Because of that, Skype is blocked at BEHS and BEMS.

In summary, all staff and students should be familiar with the District policies regarding the use of personal electronic devices. The wireless network and the Internet access are provided to facilitate the educational mission of MSAD 6. If personal devices are seen as interfering with that mission, they may be blocked from future access to that network. At no time does it prevent you from using your device, it will just have to be via your cell carrier, and not the MSAD 6 network.

Monday, August 14, 2017

New to Chrome Devices? Learn some basics

In this blog you will learn about Chrome devices. This article is intended for anyone new to using a Chrome device (Ed Techs, Food Service, Custodians, Bus Drivers.) Follow this link to my Blog on Google Drive to learn some basics about your new device:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BE Proud! Reflections from a Tech Coach

For most educators, August is the ideal time for reflection and preparation. By now we've checked off most of the experiences on our summer bucket lists, and we're ready to dive back in to make this the best school year yet. As a technology coach, I have been given an amazing opportunity to serve my district by offering support to the K-5 staff at Hollis Elementary and H.B. Emery Jr. Memorial School. One of my biggest fears in accepting this position last summer was that I would lose the special community bonds that I had created by working with Buxton students, their families, and my colleagues as a second grade teacher. In my new role in unfamiliar schools, I still managed to build meaningful relationships with students, which of course I scientifically measure by the fact that I was noticed and warmly greeted by students in a public place, and with colleagues who eagerly invited me into their rooms to guide them with their technology goals. Surprisingly, missing out on working with one consistent group of students didn't feel like the tragic loss that I thought it would. Traveling between schools and in the K-5 classrooms allowed me a view that I have never had before. I got to see the strategic flow of lessons from grade-to-grade and the amazing instructional practices that our teachers are working so hard to implement. I worked closely with the technology department and my fellow technology coaches to bring our staff and students meaningful learning experiences. I also expanded my community connections by meeting with other tech coaches and teachers across the state and, thanks to Twitter, across the globe! This new perspective provided me with a much stronger sense of pride for Bonny Eagle. Our staff's dedication to providing all students with the best learning experiences is astounding. The incredible access that we have to technology resources and the experiences that we're creating for students is life changing. I'm optimistic and prepared to take on the new challenges that this school year brings! I'm really looking forward to working with staff at our Bonny Eagle Tech Camp that'll be happening on August 10th, 11th, 14th, and 15th. In the meantime, keep making Bonny Eagle proud! Our students deserve every ounce of planning and preparation that you can give. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Creating Pic Collage Digital Board Games

I can't take the credit for this idea... the credit goes to ERINtegration for coming up with the idea, and my coworker Laurie Delaney for making me aware of the idea. The purpose of this article is to share with you a video tutorial on how to create one yourself or with students. It would also be a fun rainy day project at home for parents and their children.

Video Tutorial

Beyond the normal board games that you may think of, students could take the project a step further to "show what they know" for any standard or create an interesting book report. Students examples below from Mrs. Lucy's 5th grade class and Mrs. Fries' 4th grade class.

Or Fun Basic Games...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Prepare your classroom for the summer

That time of year is fast approaching, end of school, and summer.  Time to start cleaning up and preparing your classrooms for summer cleaning and possibly moving to a new classroom.  

One of the concerns of some people is their classroom phones.  “Should you pack up your phone?”  “What happens if I have a call over the summer that I will not be able to answer?”

The phone system for the school district has a few nice features, one of these features being the ability to check your voicemail from any phone in the world.  This is how you do it:
-Call your direct phone number (ie: 207-648-7936)
-When you hear your voicemail greeting, press *
-At the prompt, enter your 6 digit passcode
Now you have access to your voicemail account where you can listen to and delete voicemail.

Another feature is the ability to forward all your calls to a different phone number.  With this ability you will be able to have any and all calls forwarded to your cell phone or home phone without having your receiving phone number being exposed.  The only downside with this feature is to turn it on or off, you have to have access to your physical phone at the school.
This is how you do it:
-From your phone, dial *72
-At the prompt, enter the full 10 digit phone number you wish the calls to go to (ie: 207-648-7936) followed by the # key

As for what to do with your phone over the summer, it is very important that you leave your classroom phone in your classroom plugged into the wall.  Over the summer if your phone needs to be moved to a new room or assigned to a new teacher/staff member, it will be moved during the summer by the Technology Department.  

This summer the Technology Department will have a very busy and full schedule of projects to get completed, one of those is the moving and setup of phones throughout the district.  Packing a phone into a box or desk drawer will prevent us from deploying your phone either into a new classroom or ensuring it is configured with the most recent software.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Student or Staff Member Leaving the District? Checkoff list of what to do in regards to technology before leaving.

As the school year draws to a close there will be many amongst us who will be leaving the district for new adventures.

Seniors are graduating and heading off to college, work or traveling; students moving from one district to another or even to another state; staff retiring or moving on to another district or non-educational setting adventure.  What do you need to do technology wise to prepare for this change?

1.  G Suite - Accounts are not kept indefinitely after leaving the district.   Student accounts are closed for access on the last day they attended school and removed 60 days from that date.   Staff accounts are closed two weeks from effective date of leaving.

  • For students:Students who have documents they would like to take with them in Google Drive should do prior so their last day of school by sharing the documents with their non-school gmail account and then making that gmail account the owner.
  • For staff:
    Any non-school related (personal) documents/emails you wish to copy to a personal account should be done so prior to your last day of work in the district.   Any documents, sites, calendars, etc that you are the owner of and have shared with others in the district to use should have the ownership changed from you to a staff member it is shared with so the item can still be used after you leave.

    Have a Google Site for your parents and students?  Please change the sharing access to Private so it removes it from the web view of anyone who has bookmarked it.  Owner of a site that was created for the district?  Submit the url of the website to tmuchemore@bonnyeagle.org.  If this is a website created outside of google for the district please include the login credentials with the url.

    Want to take your contacts with you?  In contacts export them into a file you can then upload to another account.  

    - In Contacts go to More - Export

    - If you receive a prompt to go to the Old Version do so

    - Select the contacts you wish to export then click on More (at the top) - Export

    - Choose the selected Contacts radial and the format you would like to export them to (depending on what you will be uploading them into - Google, Outlook, Apple Address Book, etc).

    - Export

2.  Parchment - Parchment is the system used for seniors to request transcripts for colleges once they leave the district.  All seniors are given an account upon the end of their junior year and receive an email with their access information.  This account is setup using their bonnyeagle.org email account. Prior to leaving the district, or upon receiving the account, it is recommended they change the email account in their Parchment settings to a personal email account for future use.

3.  Laptops/IOS devices

  • For Students
    Leaving during the school year? Turn in your device, bag and charger prior to leaving the premises on your last day of attendance to the technology room in your building (room 54 at BEMS, room 109 at BEHS).  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.

    Leaving school at the end of the school year?  Turn in your device, bag and charger on the take back dates scheduled at your school.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.
  • For Staff
    Leaving during the school year or at the end of the year?  On the last physical day you are in the building turn in your device(s), for Ed Techs that is generally the last student day, for teachers it is the last teacher day of the school year.  At BEMS leave your device(s), bags and chargers with Technology in room 54, at BEHS leave them with Technology in room 109.  For all elementary staff leave them with your schools main office.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer Prep & Life Hacks

Getting your classroom Prepped for Summer Break
As we all get ready for the summer break there are some things you can do to help yourself for the start of the next school year. Make sure you report via a tech help ticket any issues you are having with classroom technology so they can be addressed prior to the start of next year. We seem to get a lot of tickets to start each year that include:

  • Clean Filter message on projectors
  • Lamp life messages on projectors
  • Missing or damaged devices
  • Missing or damaged cords

Help us help you by reporting any tech related issues to us now so we can make the necessary repairs over the summer - instead of a big rush to start the year. Our department has it’s hands full as it is with student laptop re-imaging (2,000 devices) and iPad redeployment (2,000 devices.) We will also be replacing a number of other devices which will require a lot of manpower from our tech’s over the summer. So, you can help by reporting any known issues now rather than waiting until the start of the new school year when things get real busy for everyone.

Also, pay attention to instructions from your Admin team and our tech department on what to do with your classroom devices prior to the end of the school year.

Hacking the Summer - Some cool tech related and/or free things to do
Here are a few links to some cool websites/articles on things to do: techie, life hacks, free, cheap and more. Enjoy.

Be safe and enjoy the summer break!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Incredible Student Presentations Made with a Green Screen and an iPad

Our Bonny Eagle elementary students have had a blast using chroma key technology to present their work! The process is simple. Once students have a project or assignment to present, they choose a background for their presentation. Some students have used their iPads to photograph their assignment to use as their backgrounds. For example, second graders in Mrs. Lariviere's class used their iPads to take a picture of their hand-drawn monsters, and third graders in Mrs. McCarthy's class took a picture of their leprechaun traps. Some students have decided to use a digital picture instead, like the fourth graders in Miss Nappi's class, who designed a digital picture in Buncee and saved it as an image on their camera rolls. After they've decided on their background, we use an iPad to record their video in front of a bright green sheet. Mrs. Lariviere's students read their monster poems. Mrs. McCarthy's students explained the science behind the mechanisms in their leprechaun traps, and Miss Nappi's students described their American Revolution research. Then, we use Green Screen by Do Ink or iMovie to remove the green background and replace it with the background picture that the students designed. After a few edits, the students have a completed video of themselves presenting their work with their own uniquely designed background! The final products are both entertaining and educational. I've included an example from each class for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure you'll agree that these projects are an engaging and memorable way to document students' learning.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Phishing Email Attack.. Pay attention!

In my blog post in March, I discussed malicious emails and how to deal with them. Obviously, no one was paying attention.   

Today there was a flood of Tech Tickets about emails claiming to be sharing a Google document.  Several of the tickets even admitted that they didn’t really read the email notice, they just opened it and clicked on the link.  These emails were a premeditated phishing attack.  That attack was not intended to deliver malware but intended to steal your login credentials.

So if you received this email and clicked through the links, IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD!  And please don’t use an easy password.  I recommend using a multi-word phrase as a password.  It is easier to remember than a single word.  Remove the inter-word spaces and substitute a few numbers or punctuation marks for letters.  This type of password is very hard to break, unless you give it away by not making an effort to insure that the email is legitimate.

Another thing that happened when you clicked through the links, is that you shared your address list, which was promptly used to spread the attack even faster.

So please, go ahead and read my March blog at:

  • Never open an email unless you are sure that it comes from someone that you expect emails from.  Otherwise, delete it!  
  • Always read the email before you click any links contained in it.  Trust your instinct, if it seems iffy, delete it!
  • If you ever think that you may have been tricked into clicking a bad link, change you password immediately.