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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Friday, October 28, 2016

Make sure you are prepared for Winter! Update your contact preferences for receiving messages.

MSAD 6 has been using Infinite Campus for our alert system for over a year now.  This system allows for more flexibility in the type of messages you receive and how.  

Parents/guardians are able to log into their Infinite Campus Portal - click on Contact Preferences and select what types of messages they wish to receive for each phone number/email address you have listed in IC. Please note: only parent/guardian information is available for selection.

Should a parent/guardian not currently have an IC portal account, please contact your child's school for your activation code.

If you a portal account but cannot remember your username or password or both, please submit a tech ticket at techhelp.bonnyeagle.org for assistance.

Staff are able to log into their IC staff account, go to Census - My Data - Request Demographic Update - select "I am adding or correcting my information" and then choose how they wish to receive each different type of message (attendance, behavior and teacher would not be applicable for staff members unless they have children attending a school in the district).

PLEASE NOTE: Changes are not immediate. They are sent to the tech office and then will show once processed.

The different types of messages and what they are used for are:

Emergency - this will be used for immediate contact with the parents/guardians at schools for extreme extenuating circumstances.  Please leave all your methods of contact selected for this option.

Attendance - this will be used to alert parents/guardians of their child’s absence at the school.

Behavior - is not used at this time.

General Notification - this will be used for school newsletters, individual school announcements, and general district wide announcements.

Priority Notification - this will be used for school closings, early release or late arrival notices due to weather and other unexpected issues (power outages, etc).

Teacher - this is used by teachers for notification of grades, missing assignments, and other classroom announcements.  This method is email only.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Creating a Table of Contents in Google Docs

Google Docs offers the ability to create a Table of Contents for your document, and in the most recent update they now let you use page numbers.

To create a Table of Contents, click where you would like it in the document then go to Insert - Table of Contents and choose either the option with page numbers or the option without.

Your document Headings (Format - Paragraph Styles or by clicking on the dropdown by Normal Text on the toolbar) will determine your Table of Contents layout.

If you use Heading 1 for one topic, and Heading 2 for the next topic it will place the second topic as a subtopic of the first one on the Table of Contents.  The same follows if you were to use Heading 2 and then Heading 3 for the next, etc.

To refresh your Table of Contents, click in the Table of Content box and then on the refresh button to the left of it that will appear.

Example of using the different headings and how the Table of Content then shows them:

Thursday, October 6, 2016

District Phones, A how-to

The phones we currently use in this school district are known as VoIP phones.  VoIP stands for; Voice over Internet Protocol.  Which basically means all of our phone calls go over the same networks as our internet, instead of going over older analog lines.  This gives us the ability to allow every classroom to have their own phone, phone number, and voicemail to receive missed phone calls.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the phone system is how to record a greeting for your voicemail.  Recording a greeting for your voicemail is a very easy and straight-forward operation:
  1. Either press the Vmail button on your phone -or- Dial *62
  2. Enter your 6 digit passcode, followed by the # key (if you are unsure of your passcode or you get a message stating you are locked out, please submit a Help Ticket to have your account reset and a new passcode sent to you.)
  3. Follow along with the prompts to record a new greeting -or- choose one of the following options:
    1. 1 - Access Voicemail
    2. 3 - To Access Greetings Menu
    3. 5 - To record an Announcement
    4. 8 - To change your passcode
  4. After pressing 3 to access your greetings menu, it will prompt you to press 1 to record your name.  This is where you can either say your name or leave a small greeting for those looking to leave you a voicemail.
  5. Once you have finished your recording and followed the prompts to save your greeting, your voicemail ready for any calls that you miss.

You can access your voicemail from any phone in the world!  
If you are within the school district using a district school phone, you can do the following to listen to your voicemail:
  1. Dial *62
  2. As soon as you hear the computer start to talk, press the * key again.
  3. It will now ask for your 3 digit extension number, followed by the # key
  4. Now enter in your 6 digit passcode
  5. You are now in your voicemail inbox and ready to listen to your messages.
If you are outside of the school district you can do the following to listen to your voicemail:

  1. Dial your direct school phone number (ie: 207-648-9330, it will vary building to building, please ask a building secretary for the proper prefix for your individual phones)
  2. Press the # key when you hear it ringing, this will send you straight to your voicemail.
  3. Now press the * key when you hear your greeting, this will send you to your voicemail inbox and it will ask for your 6 digit passcode
  4. Now you can access your voicemails as if you were right at your district phone.