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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MacBooks are arriving!

The Technology Department has begun receiving middle school and high school MacBook Airs for the coming school year! 
Teacher machines arrived the other day and are now being tagged, imaged and then assigned to get them ready for deployment.  Dates for pick-up/setup will be sent out as soon as they are ready.

1173 high school devices arrived last evening!   This is what our building looked like after they were all unloaded off the truck:

Then the fun began of unloading all the pallets!



Boxes are now all stacked and ready to be unpacked, tagged, imaged, assigned, put in a case (as soon as they come in) and deployed.

Middle school student laptops should be arriving tonight!!  We know where all the techs will be for the coming weeks, this is a time consuming process to make sure all the machines are ready for the school year.