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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Google Integration with Infinite Campus

Great news for those that use Google Apps for Education and Infinite Campus.  In the latest release of Campus there is now the ability to integrate with Google Drive.  What does this mean for IC users?

Teachers now have the ability to:

  • link to Google files for their reference only within the Teacher Notes of the assignment
  • upload YouTube videos directly into an assignment for students to view
  • attach Google files to an assignment which, when opened by a student, create an editable copy for them in their Google Drive with the title autoupdated to the assignment and their name
  • make suggestions on the document once submitted by the student and then return to the student for editing (if necessary) before the final document is submitted
  • grade the assignment directly in IC without having to use Classroom or another program with Google and then transferring the grade from the program into IC
Students now have the ability to:
  • submit a google file directly into IC for an assignment
  • keep all of their work organized in IC auto-created folders within their Google Drive for each of their classes and by the assignments within those classes
  • view a YouTube video within the assignment itself