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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, August 11, 2016

District Wide Building Access Control

As discussed in a previous Tech Blog, MSAD 6 has been moving towards making our schools and buildings safer and more secure, by controlling who and when people can enter our buildings.

This summer the access control system is now complete and every building and school within MSAD 6 is now a part of the system.  To gain admittance to a school within MSAD 6 will now require the use of a prox card or by using the video intercom located at the main entrance of each building.  

All staff have been assigned the new prox cards and all door systems have been activated.  If you have not received the new prox cards, please check with your building administrators first.  If your building administrator does not have your prox card, please submit a help ticket via techhelp.bonnyeagle.org

Due to the importance of these new prox cards, it is everyone's responsibility to safeguard your card. Please immediately report if your card goes missing by submitting a help ticket.  By reporting a lost card, we are able to disable the card instantly so no one can simply pick it up and use it.  If you find your card after reporting it lost, within moments the card can be re-activated as if nothing had happened.  If however your card is never found, a new card can be made for you.  

Even though these cards are pretty durable and waterproof, they are not indestructible.  Excessive bending can break or damage the chip within the card, Microwave ovens can literally cook the chip within the card if you stand next to them, and keeping too many metallic objects near the card will prevent the door control system from reading your card.

Now for the sad bit, all full-time and salary staff/teachers will receive a prox card, but damaged or lost card replacements are not free.  If you lose or damage your prox card, a replacement card will cost you $10.  So please be careful with your card.