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Friday, April 8, 2016

Google Calendar: Appointment Slots, Reminders and Shortcut Keys

Need to set up appointments and would like to use Google Calendar?  Try out Appointment Slots. One thing to note:  Only people who use gmail will be able to take appointment slots, if they try they will be asked to sign up for a gmail account.

1.  Make sure you are in Day view on your calendar

2.  Click on the day and time you want to slots to start, choose the calendar you want them to go on,fill in the What field and click on Appointment Slots.

3.  Set up your slot time limits

4.  Click on Edit Details, fill out the time block add the where, and a description and add any guests (those that need to be at each appointment with you)

5.  Copy the url of the appointment slots a the top of the page in blue.

6.  Click Save

7.  Send an email with the appointment slot link to anyone you wish to set up appointments with.   You can also put the link on a webpage or in a blog.  People will only see available slots and not any that someone else has taken.  


On April 5, 2016 Google released a new Reminders feature. Their release article is below.

  • Set a reminder for a specific time and date and get notified when it’s time. To create a reminder, tap on a time in the calendar grid, then select “Reminder.”

  • Reminders carry forward to the next day, until you mark them done. To mark a reminder as done, simply click on the reminder, and click ‘Mark as done’.

    • Reminders created in the Google app, Keep, and Inbox will also show in Google Calendar.
    • Reminders on the web will sync to your Google Calendar Android and iOS apps.

    Please note:
    • Reminders are private to calendar owners and are not viewable, even if your calendar is shared with others.
    • Google Tasks users will not be prompted to use the Reminders feature. It can be enabled from the drop down menu on the Tasks calendar.

    Calendar Shortcut Keys

    Scroll to previous date range:  k or p
    Scroll to next date range: j or n
    Jump to today: t
    Create Event: c
    Delete Event: backspace or delete
    Search: /
    View day: 1 or d
    View week: 2 or w
    View month: 3 or m
    View days (2, 4, etc, whichever you have selected in your settings): 4 or x
    View agenda: 5 or a