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Thursday, March 31, 2016

iPad response issues?

Is your iPad stuck or frozen? Won’t respond to touch? Try the following steps to resolve the issue.
  1. First start with powering down the device by holding the power button. Slide the slider to the right to shut down. Power device back up.

     Check device for functionality. If it works you're all set. If not try the following steps: 
  1. With the device turned on hold both the power button and the home button at the same time until the device powers off.

     2. Device will now restart.
     3. Check functionality
     4. Your device is now ready to be used again.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

All MSAD 6 Schools Closed, Central Office Opening at 9AM

Due to the weather, all MSAD 6 Schools are closed and the Central Office will be opening at 9AM, today Friday, March 25, 2016.

Please drive safely if you must venture out this morning.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Can't find your Apple device? iCloud.com is your friend!!

I often get calls that a student can't find their computer. And, I'll admit, that sometimes I'll put my iPhone down and forget to pick it up. If you have misplaced an Apple device the first thing you should do is go to iCloud.com and use your Apple ID to find it! You can log into the webpage from any device:

There are several tools in iCloud.com, but the one we want is Find iPhone.

 Once you select that you will see a map showing all of your devices, not just iPhones.

The example above shows one dot, but if we zoom in and switch to Satellite View (tools are on the bottom right) we see there are actually 2. If you are familiar with BEMS, the 2 dots representing my iPhone and iPad are pretty close to my office Room 54.

If I click on the dot it will tell me which device it is and give me a menu where I can erase the device, lock it, or make it play a sound so you or someone else can find it.

​This has saved me a lot of time searching around  - I hope it helps you too!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Screen Capture on a Mac

Are you wondering if there’s a way to capture your screen on your Mac? Have you ever wanted to make a screen recording so someone else can follow the same process you have? You may not realize but there’s actually a way to request to share your screen and get help from a friend.

Below you will see there are many different ways to do each. We will start with taking a “screenshot” or a picture of your screen. For this you have a few options.

For a Full Screen you can simply hit the keys (Shift)+(Command)+(3) and you’ll get an image like this:
For a Section of the screen hit (Shift)+(Command)+(4) and select the region you would like a picture of:
And lastly to take a picture of just One Window you will hit (Shift)+(Command)+(4) then hit (Space)  and Click the window:

Screen Recordings
There are also ways to record a video of the actions on your screen. To do this follow these steps:
Step 1.) Open Quicktime Player

Step 2.): Go to File > New Screen Recording

Step 3.): Click the Record Button to begin recording

Step 4.): Click the Stop Button in the menu bar when you’re done

That’s all there is to it, it’s that easy!

Screen Sharing:Have a friend help you get through a minor issue or to collaborate on a project.

Did you know you can use the iMessages App for more than just chatting with friends? There is also a great hidden feature called “Screen Sharing”.
To use this feature simply open a conversation with the friend you want to share with or start one if you need. Click on the “Details” link in the top right corner. Click the “Screen Sharing” button and choose to share your screen or request access to theirs. They will receive a notification on their screen asking them to confirm. As soon as they accept it you will be automatically connected and you can help your friends with anything they need.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Voice Typing in Google Documents

Tired of typing?  Give voice typing on Google Documents a try, not only can you talk to Google Docs and have it type what you say but as of February 24, 2016 you can issue voice commands for editing, formatting, etc.  Simply pause, issue a command, and then resume dictation.

To use Voice Typing in a Google Document go to Tools - Voice Typing

Click on the mic that appears and begin dictating


When you are finished click on the red mic to end dictation


For more information check out the Google Type with your voice help document and view their short YouTube video below.