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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Computer Slow? Getting Lots of Pop-ups? Browser Searching Not Working?

Looks as if you have some Malware on your computer!

When you download things from non-secure sources, web file sharing sites, etc. you are not just getting the file you may want but often many more files that you did not want. Rarely are these real “viruses”. Most are what we call Malware: files and programs that install along with what you wanted that do unwanted things that can make your computer very difficult to use.

You might see that when you search for something on the web you are taken instead to a completely different site, or pop-ups start coming up all over the place. Sometimes you may be told there is something wrong with your computer, so you need to install something or call a telephone number for help.

Your computer needs some cleaning up - here are a few tips:

1) Malwarebytes.com has some excellent (and free) software that can get rid of most Malware bothering your computer.

Go to their site, select their Download link, and choose Products -this will take you to a list of their downloads. Look for and download their Mac version - hint, it is the one with the big red apple!

Once you download it follow the instructions to install and then run the software. Once you hit the Scan button it will search your computer and let you know what to do. If it asks you to restart please do so.

2) If your searches are still not working, you need to change some of your browser preferences. In both Safari and Chrome click on the name in the upper left of the screen and select Preferences.

For Safari, under General, make sure your Home Page is set to Bonnyeagle.org, Google.com or some other valid site. Then go back to the Safari menu and choose Clear History.

For Chrome, choose Preferences and at the bottom Show Advanced Settings. In the On Startup section choose “Open a specific page or set of pages” and check to make sure the page is set to something you want. In Appearance, if you want to Show the Home Button make sure it is set to something you want. Finally scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and choose Reset Settings.