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Scott Nason - Director of Technology

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Verifying your contact information for the new school year


Prepare for the new school year! 

If you have not yet signed up to receive text messages from the district/school(s) please do so by sending a "Y" or "Yes" to 67587.

Please create a School Messenger account (or sign-in to your existing one) and ensure all your methods of contact we have on file are:  1)  Correct and  2) Set up to receive the type of message you wish to receive at each one.  (MSAD 6 STAFF PLEASE NOTE:  Staff will be required to enter a school district, please enter MSAD 6.)

Once you sign into the account, click on the three bars image of the three bars icon in School Messenger in the upper left and choose preferences image of preference selection for School Messenger.

On the next screen you will see the number(s) and email address we have listed for you in our Student Information System across the top and below them boxes of different types of messages you could receive.  PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Should you notice a number or email address that is incorrect, please either contact your child(ren)'s school with the change, or change it within the Parent Portal of Synergy.  STAFF:  Please check your information in ESS and correct there, IF it is correct in ESS, please submit a ticket to techhelp.bonnyeagle.org with the updated data.

Please note:  Non-school Hours Emergency and School Hours Emergency, by default, will contact you on every method of communication we have for you, you MUST allow it to contact you at one phone number minimum;  these types of calls are for school closings, early releases, and emergency situations.    Attendance will notify you of any unexcused absences for your child(ren) that day, General is used for newsletters, notices of events happening at the school, budget information, etc.  Survey's may be used via the system.  Food Service is NOT used in the system to contact you regarding your child(ren) lunch account, that communication would come from another system.

Click on each type of message and select which number (via phone and/or SMS) and email address you would like contacted for that message type.