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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Student or Staff Member Leaving the District? Checkoff list of what to do in regards to technology before leaving.

As the school year draws to a close there will be many amongst us who will be leaving the district for new adventures.

Seniors are graduating and heading off to college, work or traveling; students moving from one district to another or even to another state; staff retiring or moving on to another district or non-educational setting adventure.  What do you need to do technology wise to prepare for this change?

1.  G Suite - Accounts are not kept indefinitely after leaving the district.   Student accounts are closed for access on the last day they attended school and removed 60 days from that date.   Staff accounts are closed two weeks from effective date of leaving.

  • For students:Students who have documents they would like to take with them in Google Drive should do prior so their last day of school by sharing the documents with their non-school gmail account and then making that gmail account the owner.
  • For staff:
    Any non-school related (personal) documents/emails you wish to copy to a personal account should be done so prior to your last day of work in the district.   Any documents, sites, calendars, etc that you are the owner of and have shared with others in the district to use should have the ownership changed from you to a staff member it is shared with so the item can still be used after you leave.

    Have a Google Site for your parents and students?  Please change the sharing access to Private so it removes it from the web view of anyone who has bookmarked it.  Owner of a site that was created for the district?  Submit the url of the website to tmuchemore@bonnyeagle.org.  If this is a website created outside of google for the district please include the login credentials with the url.

    Want to take your contacts with you?  In contacts export them into a file you can then upload to another account.  

    - In Contacts go to More - Export

    - If you receive a prompt to go to the Old Version do so

    - Select the contacts you wish to export then click on More (at the top) - Export

    - Choose the selected Contacts radial and the format you would like to export them to (depending on what you will be uploading them into - Google, Outlook, Apple Address Book, etc).

    - Export

2.  Parchment - Parchment is the system used for seniors to request transcripts for colleges once they leave the district.  All seniors are given an account upon the end of their junior year and receive an email with their access information.  This account is setup using their bonnyeagle.org email account. Prior to leaving the district, or upon receiving the account, it is recommended they change the email account in their Parchment settings to a personal email account for future use.

3.  Laptops/IOS devices

  • For Students
    Leaving during the school year? Turn in your device, bag and charger prior to leaving the premises on your last day of attendance to the technology room in your building (room 54 at BEMS, room 109 at BEHS).  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.

    Leaving school at the end of the school year?  Turn in your device, bag and charger on the take back dates scheduled at your school.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.
  • For Staff
    Leaving during the school year or at the end of the year?  On the last physical day you are in the building turn in your device(s), for Ed Techs that is generally the last student day, for teachers it is the last teacher day of the school year.  At BEMS leave your device(s), bags and chargers with Technology in room 54, at BEHS leave them with Technology in room 109.  For all elementary staff leave them with your schools main office.  Remove any personal pictures you wish to save as the machines will be wiped.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer Prep & Life Hacks

Getting your classroom Prepped for Summer Break
As we all get ready for the summer break there are some things you can do to help yourself for the start of the next school year. Make sure you report via a tech help ticket any issues you are having with classroom technology so they can be addressed prior to the start of next year. We seem to get a lot of tickets to start each year that include:

  • Clean Filter message on projectors
  • Lamp life messages on projectors
  • Missing or damaged devices
  • Missing or damaged cords

Help us help you by reporting any tech related issues to us now so we can make the necessary repairs over the summer - instead of a big rush to start the year. Our department has it’s hands full as it is with student laptop re-imaging (2,000 devices) and iPad redeployment (2,000 devices.) We will also be replacing a number of other devices which will require a lot of manpower from our tech’s over the summer. So, you can help by reporting any known issues now rather than waiting until the start of the new school year when things get real busy for everyone.

Also, pay attention to instructions from your Admin team and our tech department on what to do with your classroom devices prior to the end of the school year.

Hacking the Summer - Some cool tech related and/or free things to do
Here are a few links to some cool websites/articles on things to do: techie, life hacks, free, cheap and more. Enjoy.

Be safe and enjoy the summer break!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Incredible Student Presentations Made with a Green Screen and an iPad

Our Bonny Eagle elementary students have had a blast using chroma key technology to present their work! The process is simple. Once students have a project or assignment to present, they choose a background for their presentation. Some students have used their iPads to photograph their assignment to use as their backgrounds. For example, second graders in Mrs. Lariviere's class used their iPads to take a picture of their hand-drawn monsters, and third graders in Mrs. McCarthy's class took a picture of their leprechaun traps. Some students have decided to use a digital picture instead, like the fourth graders in Miss Nappi's class, who designed a digital picture in Buncee and saved it as an image on their camera rolls. After they've decided on their background, we use an iPad to record their video in front of a bright green sheet. Mrs. Lariviere's students read their monster poems. Mrs. McCarthy's students explained the science behind the mechanisms in their leprechaun traps, and Miss Nappi's students described their American Revolution research. Then, we use Green Screen by Do Ink or iMovie to remove the green background and replace it with the background picture that the students designed. After a few edits, the students have a completed video of themselves presenting their work with their own uniquely designed background! The final products are both entertaining and educational. I've included an example from each class for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure you'll agree that these projects are an engaging and memorable way to document students' learning.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Phishing Email Attack.. Pay attention!

In my blog post in March, I discussed malicious emails and how to deal with them. Obviously, no one was paying attention.   

Today there was a flood of Tech Tickets about emails claiming to be sharing a Google document.  Several of the tickets even admitted that they didn’t really read the email notice, they just opened it and clicked on the link.  These emails were a premeditated phishing attack.  That attack was not intended to deliver malware but intended to steal your login credentials.

So if you received this email and clicked through the links, IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD!  And please don’t use an easy password.  I recommend using a multi-word phrase as a password.  It is easier to remember than a single word.  Remove the inter-word spaces and substitute a few numbers or punctuation marks for letters.  This type of password is very hard to break, unless you give it away by not making an effort to insure that the email is legitimate.

Another thing that happened when you clicked through the links, is that you shared your address list, which was promptly used to spread the attack even faster.

So please, go ahead and read my March blog at:

  • Never open an email unless you are sure that it comes from someone that you expect emails from.  Otherwise, delete it!  
  • Always read the email before you click any links contained in it.  Trust your instinct, if it seems iffy, delete it!
  • If you ever think that you may have been tricked into clicking a bad link, change you password immediately.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

VR Field Trips at BCES

By Katie Vetro
Technology Coach, BCES

Students at Buxton Center Elementary have taken some far out field trips in the last couple of weeks! Students have traveled across the country to see sites like the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore. They have also traveled to the ocean floor in a submarine and to the planet Mars to visit the rover, Curiosity! 

IMG_8087.JPGThis is all possible thanks to the Nearpod app on the iPads or site on the Chromebook. These devices allow a teacher to tap into some free virtual reality lessons, which allow students to explore science and social studies topics in greater detail. These lessons are engaging and geared toward our curriculum standards. For example, fourth and fifth graders studying the American Revolution and the fifty states can take a trip called “Symbols of America.” This lesson lets students view four different American monuments (the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty). The students are then able to discuss the meaning of these monuments and compare/contrast the symbolism of the meanings. In the end, students come to a conclusion about what each location represents to Americans.

Nearpod is a unique program because it allows the teacher to control the pace of the lesson from her computer while all students view the lesson live on their own devices. The virtual reality lessons contain 360 degree photos that allow students to explore an image that surrounds them. This is especially helpful for taking “field trips” to places that are difficult for us to get to, whether it is the deep ocean or even another planet!

Check out the pictures of Ms. Carignan’s second graders as they visited Mars using the Chromebook. They used the information they gathered from the photos to describe the planet’s geology and climate, and assess for the potential for life on Mars. They then wrote postcards from Mars to back home!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

3D Printing in the Classroom. Go big, go live!

Susie Simmons, Technology Coach for Grades 6-12Susie Simmons 
Technology Coach, 6-12
Bonny Eagle Middle & High Schools

In my last post back in January, I wrote about 3D printing coming to Bonny Eagle Middle School. Since then, our 3D printing capacity in the district has been growing as has the excitement about this creator movement. We are lucky to now have an additional two FlashForge Finders ($499 on Amazon), thanks to the Perloff Foundation, located at Buxton Center Elementary School. Katie Vetro, the technology coach at BCES, and I have been having a lot of fun working together to ensure that our students are able to take advantage of the technology starting as early as possible. From lesson planning to generating ideas for its use and then managing the printers and troubleshooting when necessary, it has been a fun year with the 3D printers around. We are also actively working on another grant proposal to bring additional printers online in the other elementary schools as well as the high school to ensure universal access for all of the students in MSAD #6.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Google Accounts login page is being updated, be aware of the impact to you

On April 10, 2017 Google will begin slowly rolling out their new login page, beginning with a small sample of users and then eventually everyone over a matter of weeks.

What does the change mean for you?

  • You will notice a new look for the page
  • The look will be consistent across all devices (computers, phones and tablets)
  • The change with the most impact on the end user is the "Stay signed in" checkbox will no longer be on the page. This is the change you need to understand the most about.  This means that whenever you sign into your gmail account using the new login page above, you remain signed in unless you specifically sign-out once you are done.  This is a security risk for your account.  If you sign in on someone else's device or on a public device and do not log out after you are done, your account is now accessible to the next person who uses the device and goes to gmail.  If you absolutely must sign in on a public or shared device then do so using a private browsing window.  

    Firefox - File - New Private Window
    Safari - File - New Private Window
    Chrome - File - New Incognito Window
  • If you are using your gmail account to access other applications as a Single-Sign-On (such as our ticket system) , then you will also see an additional account selection page when you log in to authenticate the account and show the permissions being granted to that application.
  • Keep your account safe and make it a habit to sign out after using it on every device you sign in on.